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Fall Weddings

The most beautiful time of the year is one of the first options to get married: cold temperatures, low humidity is what is expected in the months of October, November and December, however they are not characteristics that apply to the state of Florida.

With the climatic changes that are being experienced at a general level to definitely get married in this season, a wedding planner with a good team is needed to be prepared to execute the A B or C plan that is presented. In the specific case of Florida the weather is very variable you can wake up in the morning and see a beautiful sun, however 15 minutes are enough to see a storm arrive that can end all the preparations for a planned wedding on the beach or at fresh air.

The Colors, essential protagonists of autumn weddings

The brides enjoy the warm and bright colors of the season and we are a team that can work to strengthen and highlight Florida’s style of its elegant beaches. Typical warm and dramatic colors can be accentuated wherever reception takes place; The candles will serve as a complement to the romanticism and elegance of this season.

Fall is not a difficult time for the execution and logistics of your wedding, but it is important to make sure you have a wedding planner that meets all the details; keep guests informed of the weather and suggest what is the appropriate attire.

It is important at this stage of the month the national holidays and sporting events: the Jewish parties the NFL baseball final, Thanksgiving among others, because they would make the guests doubt their attendance at your wedding if they have already purchased tickets in advance or on the contrary they could enjoy a long weekend. Anyway; These are important aspects and details to consider when choosing your wedding date…

It is a very beautiful time when you can achieve a dream wedding, pleasant experiences to remember with family and friends. In definitive various unforgettable moments.

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