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Summer Wedding in South Florida

Officially, hurricane season in Florida runs from June to the end of November. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to avoid that part of the year. For the clearest skies, April and November typically have the least rainfall. The biggest chance of rain is from June to September.

While the summer months are conceders the off season in south florida there some  great advantages to hosting a summer wedding. Not only will couples find across the board saving, including air travel, hotel rooms, venues and vendors, but it is also easier for families to travel to attend your wedding while children are on summer break from school.

While you may be concerned about the heat, summer is a beautiful time to hold an outside ceremony. Tipically a ceremony lasts for roughly 30 minutes and as long as you prepare your guests and choose a location with shade and natural breeze, outdoor nuptials can be a great choice. Signature drinks can be replaced with fun, fruity drinks or popsicles.

There’re creative ways to offer your guests the opportunity to cool down during a summer ceremony outdoors:

  • Classical Asian fans can be a great choice, specially since you can get them in almost any color to match your decor.
  • Invitations and programs fan.
  • Photo fans.
  • Refreshment Arrival Station
  • Lighter Men’s Formal Wear.
  • Short Bridesmaids Dresses.
  • Go Flower Crazy.
  • Summer Colors.
  • Summer is the time when any color goes, Create your Dream day with the huge array of summer classics.
  • White Dreams Events are ready to advice and create your dreams come true.

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